An African Tragedy, Once More

The continent of Africa, more than any other continent in the world, has been plagued by a plethora of thugs and incompetent leaders. All too frequently, African intellectuals blame the “heritage of colonialism” for their misfortunes, but colonialism ended nearly a half century ago. Laurent Gbagbo was president of the nation of Ivory Coast and decided to hold a free, honest election. He lost. The idea that holding a free election could end up in losing apparently was not part of his mind set. He refused to step down after making certain votes for his opponent were thrown to the winds. UN forces in Ivory Coast have been attempting to ensure victorious candidate Alassane Quattara is able to assume the office of president. Gbagbo is now threatening to attack UN and French troops who are in the country as protectors of democracy.

Ivory Coast used to be a stable, and fairly prosperous nation, when under the control of a benevolent dictator. He died and now chaos between the north and south portions of the nation. Sorry, African intellectuals, this is not a legacy of colonialism. This is failure on the part of African leaders to support democracy in their nations. Nothing will change until Africans stand up to defend African rights and cease blaming the outside world.