An American Apology

Today is Thursday so President Obama is at home and Secretary of State John Kerry is not in the Middle East. I believe on Thursday, the American government apologizes to someone in Asia, yesterday was the weekly apology for something that went wrong on Obamacare. The apology centered on treatment towards India’s deputy council, Ms. Devyan Khabragdad. As far as we can determine”

Devyan told immigration folk that she paid her housekeeper about $4,500 a month. Turns out it was probably closer to $3 an hour. In other words, she was ripping off an immigrant and making out like a bandit. There is no question if “social justice” is the issue in this case, the Indian diplomat is not an innocent person.

But, what happens? It is a case of cheating a poor women. So, what do US police do? They STRIP SEARCH a human being. What exactly were they seeking? A hidden whip? Money secreted away in her ass? Enough with strip searching everyone for no reason. There are times when people are simply petty criminals, not the next Osama bin Laden!!