An American Food Fight

There are about seventeen million Americans who will not be going to work today because they either have been laid off or they have not even be able to get a job. Thousands of college graduates who left their institutions in May with hope of securing a teaching position or work in a corporation will be delivering pizza this fall or cleaning tables at a fast food establishment. Millions of children will not be getting the food they need, but in Washington D.C. leaders of both political parties are having a food fight. President Obama warns Republicans they must “eat their peas” while Republican John Boehner claims dealing with the president is like trying to eat Jell-O. They debate how to cut federal expenditures and fire more government employees in order to create jobs. Republicans insist corporations need more tax cuts if there are to be more jobs created while corporate bank accounts have $2 Trillion worth of money that is NOT being used to create jobs!

It is clear that neither political party has the courage or intelligence to address issues of jobs. Sorry, fellas, reducing government expenditures and laying off government employees ADDS to unemployment. The nation needs to INCREASE government expenditures and increase short term debt if the recession is to be addressed. We await a real food fight in Washington D.C.

Latest estimates are that the corporate world has spent over ONE BILLION DOLLARS on lobbyists in order to ensure they get lower taxes. We doubt if the unemployed have spent a single dollar to ensure they get jobs!