The other day a powerful letter was printed in the Stars & Stripes. We print it as it appeared because this young man speaks, not just for members of the military, but for all Americans.

The valor of the American soldier is reflected brightly in the meritorious deeds of our young men and women serving their country. Who among you stands up against the bullets of tyranny and steps across foreign fields of oppression to pen windows of freedom and opportunity for Third World citizens? Soldiers, airmen and sailors answer the call of duty without hesitation. Brave beyond words, possessing dedication to wear the uniform with pride, Our nation can sleep ever so serenely at night knowing that America is safeguarded by the best.

With that said, I lam still not a huge advocate for war. I think the need for conflict clearly attests to the shortcomings of our civilization. To make war with all its implications, whether it’s economical or moral is puzzling. I’m not so sure that our foreign policy should be eager to drop the symbolic pen of diplomacy and go on the warpath with an M-16 rifle Rarely is there a just, rational reason to use force, maybe to directly uphold national security or to prevent genocide on foreign soil. Ig is always a sad occasion when peace talks fail and he need to pull the trigger arises. It is with many prayers and tears that our young troops are sent into harm’s way.

It is true that war produces casualties and it does not discriminate among victims. All too often, lives of the good and innocent are claimed. Sometimes, our fearless soldiers are cut down before their time by the harsh violence of insurgency. Many of the grieving families begin to wonder and question. However, for those who were lost and to the enemies of freedom: know that no amount of bullets can abbreviate the legacy of the American soldier or the ideals those soldiers stand for.”
Spc. Johnny Hampton. Camp Casey, South Korea

We can not add anything to these words other than if President Obama wants to send more troops it is time to end the situation in which 1% of this nation’s youth fights the battle to protect the other 99%. If more troops are sent, then it is time for President Obama to ask Congress to re-introduce the draft.

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    It is an honor for you to reprint my essay, I’m glad that you agree with my words so I am sharing another one of my essays with you.


    A Testimony against Terrorism

    Ever since September 11, 2001, I have felt the need to testify against terrorism.
    Mainstream society abjures the practice of using terrorism as a vehicle to meet their objectives. Anyone with a pure heart of goodness would reject radical ideology. Only a terrorist, apostles of hate, would disrupt and dishevel the sanctity of the free world. It is my wish, that no accolades are given to them for their unjust murder of innocence. How could anyone be entangled in such an archipelago of deceit and vicious lies? They spread real arsenic to the nations and pollute the evening news with their horrid deeds.
    Terrorists are unable to articulate their thoughts into written word. Instead they weave a web of destruction and violence. They have developed astigmatism toward prevailing justice and are only open-minded to mass killing. Their behavior is most definitely atypical to everyone but psychopaths. They are disillusioned, misled outcasts who deserve nothing but Death itself. Thieves, who rob citizens of hope and security, only to replace it with despair and uncertainty. They showcase indifference amidst whirlwinds of turmoil and offer no regrets. With their actions, they dance an oblivious ballet of absurdity. I am sickened by their commitment to serve evil atrocity on a plate of insolence.
    We, the people, are unmoved and not intimidated by your threats. America is a powerful nation that will uphold a basilica of democracy. We will not forget our allegiance to freedom and will defiantly adhere to our anthem of unyielding resolve. Within each individual American is a great sense of purpose, that cannot be easily shaken or stirred by the hand of terrorism. Our lives will be a valiant triumph of victory in the face of adversity.
    Terrorists fail to realize the beauty of existence and have utter disregard for all the virtues of civilized people. They commit blasphemy against rational logic, disgrace the sacred religion of Islam. They distort the actual teachings of the Koran and perpetuate the stereotype of history’s immoral characters. Rejoice, terrorists, because you transfix yourself into the same category as the fascist Nazis. And just like the despots in the past, your fate will be similar. You also will be entombed in unmarked graves of the forgotten martyrs of a unworthy cause.
    Terrorists. I encourage you to leave our country with a chorus of quietness. Let the echoes of your false words go unheard and that your silhouette never darken our soil again. Your days of anarchy are over.
    Now Americans can enjoy a wonderful picnic, without worrying about ‘terrorism’ in the weather forecast.