An American Tragedy, Once Again

The history of the twentieth century has witnessed profound changes in American social values, but none so profound as the shift from a desire to restrict gun ownership to one in which anyone can carry a weapon anywhere and government lacks the right to establish reasonable limits. The latest tragedy which resulted in the death of 18 small children has no impacted those who head the NRA. As far as they are concerned the problem is that kindergarten children were denied the right to carry weapons. If only the five year olds had a pistol, they could have shot the intruder and none would have died.

There is something profoundly mentally ill about those who refuse to allow normal restrictions which have been part of American history since day one of this nation’s birth. Heck, Sheriff Wyatt Earp required men to check their guns when they hit town. Today, Earp would be considered some sort of Commie, Socialist tyrant who wanted to deny those with guns the right to shoot whoever they desired anytime they desired.

Frankly, the death of a president, the death of small children only INCREASE the NRA’s madness about weapons. They want everyone to have  gun in their possession. Of course, in the US Army a “gun”is your penis. What is the fascination of NRA leaders with their pricks?