An American Tragedy

Ten long years ago then President George Bush, to thunderous applause by conservatives in America, sent thousands of young men and women in our armed forces into war. Instead of completing the job of destroying the Taliban, Bush walked away from that task and prepared for a war in Iraq to destroy WMD that did not exist. Ten long years of service in a country run by kleptomaniacs whose only interest is self interest rather than focusing on destroying the Taliban.

A 38 year old sergeant went crazy and killed women and children in a village. We do not know his reasons. There is no justification, no fall back on “stress” to excuse this act of terrorism. He belonged to the Stryker Brigade which previous,t had soldiers also kill innocent Afghans. There is no justification for these deaths and most probably whatever explanation offered by the sergeant will lack validity. But, when do we hold responsible government leaders who sent men and women into battle for the wrong reasons?