An American Turk Defends Turkey

Vural Cengiz, a Turkish American offered a vigorous defense of Turkey and condemned House Resolution 106 which deals with Turkish genocidal policies toward Armenians. He argues “How could two million people be collected when only one million existed” in 1915. He then goes on to blame America for many problems impacting Turkey including the Bush I Gulf War which cost Turkey “billions of petro dollars.” Cengiz points out there is evidence Kurdish rebels who are attacking Turkish forces possess American made weapons. “Now Turks are not only called national enemies, but enemies of humanity?” He argues under the Ottoman Empire all nationalities lived in peace and were able to keep “their religious beliefs and values.” Armenians, he claims, aided Russia which was an enemy of the Ottomans and “were punished for their killings and betrayal.”

We print this harangue because it illustrates the emotional and distorted feelings of those in Turkey who are upset at H.R. 106. The Resolution places the onus of killing Armenians on the Ottoman government, not the subsequent Turkish government. It is interesting Mr. Cengiz claims Armenians gave “aid” to Russia and were then “punished for their killings and betrayal.” Ordinarily, if people in a nation offer aid to enemies, those engaged in such activities are punished, not others. He actually admits Armenians were “punished.” There is not a single word of explanation regarding pictures which have been published of dead men, women, and children whose bodies lie in pits. It is time for the people of Turkey to take a history lesson from Germany. The German people have admitted responsibility for the Holocaust, offer wonderful programs about the horror to children in school to ensure the past is honestly confronted, and have provided compensation to Holocaust victims. If Germany could confront its past, why not Turkey?

  • Ardent

    The Ottoman Empire is guilty of Genocide, by its definition in the UN charter. The Turks should admit that the atrocity did occur. However the number of Armenians killed is debatable.

    What does HR106 serve to achieve? Should they also recognize the genocide of Aborigines in Australia during the Colonial settlement? Would Australia be happy with that?

    Are not the Americans guilty of Genocide? It seems that HR106 is only harming international relations between the two countries.

  • http://none Californian

    Funny how the pressure is only one sided. Armenians in 1919 themselves state that over 150,000 males fought against Turks – that would be a majority of the Armenian male population at the time. Before any Armenian was touched, Armenians murdered over 100,000 Turks. Overall, 500,000 Turks were massacred by Armenians. Yes, I want justice too. When will the world open their eyes and see that MY TURKISH GRANDFATHERS deserve to be remembered? Armenians are not the only ones who suffered – but at that time they were being used by the Allies to partition the Ottomans, and so for over 90 years, only the Armenian deaths have been sympathized too. Never did they care about the Turkish victims, even though there is much archival evidence showing Armenian violence. What would the author say to pictures I showed of Turks slaughtered by Armenians, or about testimonials of hundreds of Turkish bodies stuffed in water wells by Armenians? Of course, all I hear from the Armenians is denial about these facts. Before judgement is passed about these events, all facts should be taken into account. Instead, the Armenians are trying to lobby history away like a popularity contest. It’s disgusting!

  • Hipocrisy

    WHat about all those photos of dead Turkish men, women and children? What about all the hundreds of thousands of Turkish people who died at the hands of Armenians? Why doesn’t the US confront its own past before meddling in the affairs of other nations? Unfortunately, Native Americans have been persecuted so much for so long, that there is too few of them left to have a political voice for their own ‘genocide’ to be heard.

    Turkish people dont DENY the genocide. No one but historians can actually have the knowledge and objectivity to analyse such a complicated event. And they are split in view. TUrkey has opened its archives for the WHOLE WORLD to see. WHy doesnt armenia do the same? WHat are they afraid of? WHy wont they agree to a bipartisan international analysis of this so-called genocide? WHy should politicians be involved in things they have no qualifications in? Next we will be asking them to do cardiothoracic surgery on patients with coronary artery disease.

  • Erkin Baker

    In answer to your criticism of Mr. Cengiz, a Turkish-American, may I quote you from Professor Bernard Lewis of Princeton, one of the leading experts on the history of the Near and Middle East:

    “That the massacre of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire was the same as what happened to Jews in Nazi Germany is a downright falsehood. What happened to the Armenians was the result of a massive Armenian armed rebellion against the Turks, which began even before war broke out, and continued on a larger scale.

    But to make this a parallel with the holocaust in Germany, you would have to assume the Jews of Germany had been engaged in an armed rebellion against the German state, collaborating with the allies against Germany. That in the deportation order, the cities of Hamburg and Berlin were exempted, persons in the employment of the state were exempted, and the deportation only applied to the Jews of Germany proper, so that when they got to Poland, they were welcomed and sheltered by the Polish Jews. This seems to me a rather absurd parallel”.

    Resolutions by any state, parliament, or the U.S. Congress have no bearing on the legal determination of whether a genocide has occurred or not. It is only the United Nations and/or the International Court of Justice in the Hague that have the legal authority to declare so. Last April, Ban Ki-Moon, the Secretary General of the United Nations stated that the United Nations has never accepted that a genocide of the Armenians has occurred. There have been tens of milliions of civilians, along with the military, who have perished in the history of mankind during armed conflicts, and some of these deaths cannot selectively be classified as genocide.

    If the Armenians have proof that the Turks killed them because of their ethnicity or religion, then, they should take their case to the International Court in the Hague. Perhaps this time they will have authentic documentation, and not fakes like the Andonian papers, which they had submitted during the Malta Trials that the British conducted after World War I. After two years of deliberation, the Malta Tribunal concluded in the release of the 144 Turks who had been detained on the island to be tried for war crimes.

    Erkin Baker

  • Cengiz HAN

    It’s a shame that no matter how much truth the Turkish side puts out, the Armenian political machine will quench them all.

    This genocide is based on lies which has a far bigger political objective against the Turkish people. The powers that be cannot beat the turks through war, now they require to beat the Turkish conscience. A far cheaper and useful objective.

    The azeri turks that were killed not long ago by an Armenian army supported by Russia will also be forgotten.

    This world is heading towards grave times. I’m fed up of the New world order, the masons, jesuits, rockerfelles, rothchilds and the royalty of this world playing games with humanity.

    They are taking us into WW3 and there is nothing we can do about it as long as we remain ignorant.

  • acc2

    Yes. The whole world, Turkey and Turks should acknowledge Armenian mortality. But we should also acknowledge 2.5 million Turkish and Muslim mortality in the same locale, same period. One sided sorrow is nothing but racisim. Why does’t anyone want to talk about milions of Turks who lost their lives under same circumstances.

  • WTF!

    I recall reading an article written by an American Armenian some time ago. In it, he stated that “it is in the blood of every Armenian to hate the Turk”….The writer made it sound like a disease. There is a cure for the Armenians who have the “hatred of Turks” in their blood.

    How are we supposed to deal with a people with so much hatred? The Iranians hate the Jews and they say that they want to wipe Israel off the map……What does Israel plan on doing to defend itself?

    If the truth is to be revealed, then the governments of the US, Britain, France, Russia and Italy should release all the old Ottoman documentation they have in their archives. This knowledge is not new either. But, I have never heard of any Armenian ever lobbying the US government to release the old Ottoman documents….why not??

    If the Armenians are so confident that they’re telling the truth, then, like some one else suggested, why don’t they just take the Turkish government to the World Court. They talk the talk but they can’t seem to walk straight.

    But what the Armenians really want is the total destruction of Turkey and the death of every single Turk on this planet. But they want other people to fight their war. And that’s not going to happen.

    There is no way that you people will ever get any land back at all. As for an apology, if the Armenians start speaking the truth, and admit that they also killed innocent Turks and Kurds, then maybe we might have some common ground to start our talks.

    Many people also know that the Armenians support and are active in the PKK. 20% of all PKK that are captured are Armenians. This sounds like a “cause for war”. How would an invasion of Armenia go down I wonder?

    I’m all for peace. But, if there is no alternative and the Armenians won’t even sit at a table with the Turks to discuss the issue, then I think we should start taking our own steps. Start by imposing crippling sanctions on Armenia (even more so than current sanctions). If the Armenian diaspora still insist on perpetuating their lies, then we should take whatever step are necessary to stop the attacks the Armenians are sponsoring…and they are sponsoring violence against the Turks.

    How do you deal with a people that won’t listen to any one?
    How do you deal with a people that are so filled with hatred, that they attacked the Turkish Armenians at the Armenian games in Armenia?

    How do you deal with a people that doesn’t trust anyone…not even their own people

    How do you deal with a people that want to destroy Turkey and its people?

    If one party refuses to talk to the other, then what alternatives are we left with? There is a war looming in the not to distant future. Maybe the Turkish Armed Forces should take advantage of the transpiring events.

    There was no genocide. There were mass murders and slayings. I think if the Turks at the time wanted to slaughter all the Armenians in Turkey, they could have. It would have been very easy. No one cared about the Armenians then and no one cares about them now. Just like nobody cares about the Turks. Don’t the Armenians realise that they’re being used by almost every government that they deal with, or do they really think that other governments really care.

    I actually feel sorry for any group of people that are filled with so much hatred, because it’s the people that hate that are the losers. Hatred rots from the inside, and it’s destroying the Armenians. They can’t see beyond their hatred.

    If all the Armenian diaspora had decided to put all their effort into rebuilding their own country instead of trying to get the Turks to admit to a lie, Armenia might be a great country once again. But no….instead they spend hundreds of millions of dollars on fictional movies and documentaries. If you’re all such proud Armenians, then go back to Armenia and help build your country up.


  • http://theimpudentobserver tammi

    Should 1.5 million American Armenians out of 300 million people be dictating American foreign policy? And why are the congressional leaders such as Nancy Pelosi more concerned about her Armenian constituent votes than for the American soldiers dying and maimed while we are at War?

    If Turkey should decide to close Incirlik airbase because of ill formed passing of the genocide resolution, how are supplies and military equipment to reach our soldiers in Iraq? This puts OUR soldiers at risk and now I’m pissed that the Armenians only care for their self interest and not the interest of the American soldier at war time. Perhaps the US should open up a military base in Armenia. I’m sure Putin would really like that!

    This is a stupid resolution that should be left for scholars to debate. It is not worth harming relations with a NATO ally that has supported the US most of the time. Remember only Britain sided with the US to go to war with Saddam Hussein.

    Stop the stupid and ill timed Armenian genocide resolution! And Speaker Pelosi if your so concerned with the war in Iraq, why do you compromise the safety of our American soldiers?


  • LIRA B.

    I have to admit, when first leaning of this issue I was prone to take the sides of the Armenians. I too saw the horrible photos and read of the death march. However after a long and very heated argument with a close fiend of mine, who is Turk, I did some research of my own. I do not believe that what occurred should be brushed under the rug.
    But I truly think people should use all this knowledge available by the great WWWeb and learn about this subject before spouting stupidity at others.
    I think a few key facts should be remembered here.
    Firstly and most importantly people should remember Turkey under the Ottoman empire was known for it’s tolerance and respect of other religions. The only time Christians were in danger, was when Christians initiated war on Islam.
    Second, If “genocide” was the true goal of the Ottomans, why were thousands of peaceful Armenians left to themselves and their everyday lives in the other regions of Turkey?
    Third, I challenge anyone who would like call the Turks barbarians and killers to look up the issue on youtube. Take a good look at the “peaceful” condition in which Turkish women and children were left by the Armenians. And note that the pictures were taken BEFORE the death march of the Armenians from Turkey.
    While I admit that what happened was atrocious and desperately sad, I do not see the Armenians as innocents victims of the big bad Turks. They initiated fighting with the Ottoman empire and lost. Unfortunately, as often happens in war, the women and children suffered. However what nation can say with a clean conscience that they have never made war on women and children, even inadvertently?
    And I’m deeply disgusted by the cry-baby antics of the Armenians to claim that the losses sustained and their supposed innocence in the whole affair even comes CLOSE to the suffering of those in the Holocaust. How DARE they infer any resemblance of the two situations. The Jews did not burn, slaughter and terrorize thousands of Germans. They did not do anything to others to cause wrath down on them, as did the Armenians.
    The Holocaust was a case of power, fanatics and ethnic cleansing. Clearly, as can be accounted by the thousands of Armenians who live and work in Turkey, NOW and during the time of this supposed “genocide” , cleansing the Earth of Armenians and or Christians was NOT the objective of the Ottomans Empire.
    Wiping a destructive force out of the confines of their
    country was.
    Not that this makes it right. However this whole pretended victimized, innocence of the Armenians is getting harder to swallow with every lobby they begin.
    And what makes them more special than the thousands of races across this Earth who HAVE been victims of attempted genocide?
    And where do we stop pointing fingers? Children here in the USA are taught that Columbus was a hero. Shouldn’t we instead along this same vein be lobbying to have Spain admit to genocide of the Island peoples that Columbus almost completely wiped out?
    A whole nation and giving that Isabella and Ferdinand of Spain financed this expedition, should they not be held responsible for the very close to complete destruction of this race?
    Or what of tribes in Africa and people all over the world?
    I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t have the influence over finances, funding and politics in the USA . At least not close to the same level as do the Armenians.
    And I shudder to think, that in all that the USA has done to preserve freedom of all peoples, that we would concede ANYTHING to a people that outright teach and declare hated of another race. Much less one of our trusted allies.
    Especially since said ally has us by the proverbial balls at the moment, given their location and influence over the middle east. Someone dropped the ball BIG TIME on this one.