An Apartheid Nation– Mugabe Style

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe announced their would be a National Healing and Reconciliation time for all who have opposed one another to come together in peace. Of course, even while uttering words he considered to be humorous, the two bit thug was organizing his militia to kill, maim and torture innocent people who had the audacity to speak out against his rule. The military still refuses to even salute Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai who holds the position of prime minister in a government that ostensibly was to constitute a coming together os divers political groups. Even ministers in the Tsvangirai Cabinet refuse to acknowledge his leadership and make clear they only take orders from the man they now call, the Supreme Leader.

Under Mugabe, Zimbabwe has become an apartheid state but one in which not color of skin but color of political affiliation decides if you have rights to speak freely or get a job based on your abilities. Unfortunately, nations like South Africa refuse to support democracy in their neighbor. The old boys club of egotistical leaders is alive and well in South Africa.