An Apology To Tea Party Fools!

The father of a boy who was convicted of killing a young Chinese girl in order to cover up an accident is suing the lawyer who defended the family of the slain girl. Yao Quingwei is upset and claims the lawyer made outrageous statements such as noting his son, Yao Yiaxin, must have come from a family that was good since he drove around in a 140,000 yuan car. This comment pained the father and he wants payment from the lawyer to “cleanse his reputation and heal his spiritual wounds.”

I guess we owe some apologies to members of the Tea Party and the Republican party.

I apologize for saying members of the Tea Party lack any knowledge of American history and their ideas will result in the economic collapse of our nation. I should have realized Tea Party ideas can work for any establishment which shovels shit.

I apologize to Ms. Sarah Palin. Sarah, I know you may not be able to see Siberia in the morning from your kitchen, but you sure can see Hell on Earth any day of the week by advocating ideas that make no sense.

I apologize to Tim Pawlenty. I was wrong to say you would not last a month in the campaign for president. More like a week would have been correct.

Michele, when it comes to Baching off reality you are one woMAN who can claim the booby prize for this capacity.