An Apology Too Far For Israel

The government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has high standards when it comes to human rights. It firmly believes the human rights of Israelis are the most important in the world and it will not budge a single inch when it comes to defending Israelis. Nine people on the famous flotilla which tried to reach Gaza were Turks and they died. Turkey asked for an apology but the proud Israelis would not budge an inch.

However, Israel troops killed six Egyptian police officers, and after profound reflection, Defense Minister Ehud Barak decided: “based on the findings of the investigation it was decided to apologize to the Egyptians over the death of every Egyptian policeman.

There are no reports of God issuing a thunder bolt in the direction of Israel for this apology.

Oh, the Israel government agreed to free over one thousand Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit. I wonder why?