An Apology?

It is  difficult being an inhabitant of the planet Earth to get through a single day without encountering evidence of human depravity. During the 1990s as the nation of Yugoslavia began to splinter into smaller pieces a vicious war broke out between Christian Serba and Muslim Bosnians. A particular event in the Bosnian enclave of Srebrenica resulted in the murder of 8,000 Muslims by Christian Serbian forces. Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has refused to acknowlege this masscre until yesterday. “I apologize for the crimes committed by any individual  in the name of our state and our people.” But, he also insisted, “there was no genocide in Srebrenica.”

I assume when a government rounds up only Muslim men and proceeds to murder them it is clear this government seeks to murder any and all Muslim men it can find. I think it is fascinating when Christians murder people their religion is never cited, only their nationality. But, when someone of the Muslim faith is guilty of murder, their religion, not their nationality, is cited.