An Egyptian Divide Widens

Egypt’s Military Council has formed an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood in an effort to maintain power. This is rather ironic since for over seventy years the military was the greatest enemy of religious Muslims. Under the agreement, the Muslim Brotherhood has kept away from demonstrations in Tahrir Square and in return parliamentary elections will proceed next week. It is almost a certainty since the Muslim Brotherhood is the best organized political group it will win the most seats in any election. Social activists and liberals want the military to transfer power to a civilian government which would allow more time for other groups to organize political parties.

If elections are held on Monday the Muslim Brotherhood will gain control of parliament. This will result in demonstrations against the government. Perhaps, we will witness an Egyptian army which dislikes religious fanatics forming an alliance with those it hates. In turn, the MB will form an alliance with the military that it hates. Losers will be Egyptians desiring a democratic government that represents the entire nation rather than one which seeks to impose religious law on secular thinkers.

Perhaps, Tahrir Square will witness even greater demonstrations of anger.