An Egyptian Trial

It is apparent from reaction of western media to the recent trial in Egypt of three members of the media who work for Al Jazeera that many Americans do not quite grasp the methodology that is followed by the Egyptian government in its courts of law. So, let us explain

1. The assumption in an Egypt court is that defendants are guilty, why else are they in the court? Makes sense.
2. Defendants are placed in iron cages during the trial to prevent them from hurting themselves.
3. There is no jury, just a group of dedicated men who seek the truth.
4. In order to avoid confusion, the prosecution does not respond to anything said by the defense attorney. Yes, there is such a person.
5. In this trial, the prosecution worked diligently to present films of children playing, and horses rambling around in a meadow. This was designed to provide all in the court nice scenes of pleasure and happiness.
6. I realize that in other societies, a court is supposed to present -evidence. This makes no sense to Egyptian prosecutors, evidence will only confuse issues, why not keep everything clear and to the point.
7. Ah, you want to know the “point.”
8. The point is to find the defendants –guilty!