An Egyptian Welcome To Russia

The Egyptian nation is experiencing a collapse of their economy, there is turmoil and anger in the streets as memmbers of the Muslim Brotherhood confront the armed forces and the number one priority in the country is to jump start the economy. So, how does the Egyptian armed forces respond to the economic crisis?? Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was invited to submit his military wares to the Egyptian government in order to make clear to the American government that when generals run a country the first prioity is getting planes and tanks and other such goodies. Reports indicate the Egyptian armed forces are interested in purchasing Mig fighters, combat helicopters, missile systems and other such goodies that can keep general behaving like generals. A retired Egyptian general, Hossam Sweilam put it bluntly: “Do we want to take the US slap on our face and remain silent? Of course not. This pressure is not acceptable , so we returned to the Russians to maintain our fighting capbilities.”

I assume the planes are to be prepared to fight the Muslim Brotherhood. I have no idea who the Egyptian army wants to fight other than internal enemies.