An Election That Never Was

An election just concluded in the nation of Egypt. OK, so you never heard about this electoral event, then again, never did most people in Egypt. Yes, there were two candidates, after all, this is an election and in a democracy there must be at least two running for public office. One of the men in this electoral farce is named General Abdel Fattah Sisi, and he heads the armed forces of Egypt. This apparently was the reason all media only reported about his candidacy and simply ignored the other guy. OH, his name is Hamdeen Sabahi. It is doubtful if all Egyptians can tell you anything about this guy. As you entered a polling place to vote armed guards from the Army were presence to make certain you knew how to vote and who to vote for. Every report from outside observers is a low turnout. In some voting centers there were more soldiers than voters. Oh, all government employees were given the day off and pointed in the direction of a voting center.

One unidentified voter told the media that he voted for the other guy because of his disgust with this farce of an election. “I am not for the (Muslim( Brotherhood, I did not support what they did in governing, but the army now is just killing people, right in front of us in the street.”

You can expect the High Elections Commission will report a massive vote in favor of –guess who??