There is a school in Sweden which is determined that little boys and girls cease regarding themselves as “him’ or “her” and simply go through life as “we.” The Egalia pre-school has banned use of expressions such as “boys” or “girls” and simply refers to “friends” in order to break down sexual stereotypes which assign to either gender specific life roles. The staff does not want children to learn sexual stereotypes and seeks to engender gender equality. This approach is in line with a government curriculum for pre-schoolers to seeks to end, once and for all, any notion of differences between boys and girls. The government has even hired “gender pedagogues” who wander around checking on any wrong language that might be used by members of the staff. It is a tad bit unclear as to their final goal–do they want boys and girls to share all roles in life?

I assume the next step is preparing boys to grow into men who will have babies. Or, they could work for placing a penis and balls onto the body of girls–after all, if girls are to display “balls” in life, they need them! OK, so there are a few problems in altering the human body in order to allow males to bear babies. But, males already have boobs so why not a national program to enhance the breasts of males which would give females a right to gaze in wonder at big boobed men!

I am somewhat confused as to whether this movement to emasculate males including getting rid of the penis and balls. Then, girls could have the balls to succeed in business and males could remain home bearing children. A wonderful land of gender equity.