An EU Citizen Is Your Citizen!

The European Union requires that all citizens, regardless of country of origin, be accorded full rights and benefits when they migrate to another nation. Denmark was informed by the European Commission that it must provide EU citizens from other member states the full range of benefits that are provided to Danish citizens including child support, cash for sickness and pension check as well as aid to those who are disabled. Law professor Kirsten Ketscher of the University of Copenhagen noted: European Union regulations are very clear, you cannot favor your own citizens to those from other European nations” It is fascinating for an American to read about nations cooperating in providing human resources rather than ranting on and on about “foreigners” in their midst. We Americans have lost our sense of community, and in so doing, have abandoned those qualities which once made America a desirable nation in which to live.

Glenn Beck would undoubtedly be drawing lines leading to nowhere if he were a Danish citizen since he undoubtedly would then be upset about alll those foreigners in his nation.