An Example Of Human Error

Mohammed Naee, police chief of Abbotabad, the city in which Osama bin Laden lived for several years explains failure to know about his presence as an example of “human error.” This is a reasonable assumption. OK, there was a house with 18 foot walls topped by barbed wire, but isn’t this necessary to prevent burglars? OK, the people inside the compound walked around with automatic weapons, but they were members of the NRA and therefore had a constitutional right to be armed at all times of the day and night. We certainly don’t want to be suspicious of men with rifles, do we? If we did, we would have to arrest half the population of the USA.

There are some who point out the presence of dozens of retired members of the Pakistan military and a Military Academy a few miles away. OK, so there were these people, but being members of the army, they knew better than to mess with guys toting automatic weapons. You could get killed if you did. Look, I live in America, a nation in which those in support of carrying guns insist normal, decent people carry guns. So, why should anyone be suspicious of some men with guns in Pakistan?

I do not understand why people get upset at human error. Heck, the American people voted for George Bush. They voted for members of the Tea Party. Just human error in operation. If you do not believe in human error, how do you explain people in America paying money to hear Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann rant on about their ignorance?