An Extra Day-A Life Ended!

War reports from Iraq describe fighting and deaths on a daily basis. Generals and the president boast about the “surge’ which has lowered violence in Baghdad and the surrounding area. To those of us back in the United States, it all appears so far away and so distant from what happens in our work or family lives. But, for the parents of Cpl. Blair William Emery, an explosion in a distant land meant the death of their child. Bill was supposed to complete his tour in October and return to the United States, but the president’s policy of extending deployment an additional three months was a month or a week or a day too long as far as the Emery family is concerned. During the extended three months their son died in an IED blast.

William Emery is just a statistic now. He is among the numbers which depict how many died or got wounded in that far off land known as Iraq. His parents will always remember the little boy who wouldn’t even take an apple from the tree of their neighbor without asking permission. Isn’t it sad, we send sweet young boys like Bill off to fight without asking their permission to extend the deployment an extra day?