An Honest Prostitute Speaks!

A young lady in Sweden was attending college and in order to pay the bills decided to become a stripper and then a prostitute. She was summoned to a meeting with a teacher and the principal of the college who expressed shock and dismay about her conduct and claimed the entire student body was upset at her flagrant insult toward being a woman. “They said it goes against the school’s values and that students had been harmed because I was so open about what I did. I said I have never felt like an object, but rather fond of the whole experience.” She was then told “you must have a problem if you think like that” and dismissed her from the college. Frankly, throughout human history, prostitution has been among the few occupations open to women and many intelligent and powerful women were prostitutes in order to establish their identity as a human being.

I was wondering if the teacher and principal would summon a student who entered politics and informed her that she had violated school values. After all, politicians are among the most prominent prostitutes in the world. They may not sell their bodies, but they certainly sell their minds and votes for money. At least this young woman is open about being a prostitute, when will members of any government be so honest about their profession!!