An Intolerant View Of Muslim Law In Saudi Arabia

I am an intolerant man who does not respect, like or believe certain laws and practices in certain Muslim nations have anything to do with religion. I believe Mohammed would be shocked at what people do in his name just as the reason Jesus Christ has never come back to Earth is his shock at what Christians do in His name. A seventy five year old woman in Saudi Arabia was arrested along with two younger men on charges they violated the country’s sex segregation law. The woman will receive forty lashes and the men sixty plus some time in jail. The Minister of the Interior has ordered the sentences to be implemented as soon as possible.

Yes, I do not understand how any civilized nation could lash a seventy-five year old woman on ANY grounds, no less than one which relates to some ridiculous law about sexual segregation. At worse, what did they do-kiss, fondle, or God forbid have sex! Heck if a seventy-five year old woman can have some good sex, God Bless her.