An Israeli Discusses Gaza Attack

Bradley Burston, writing in the Israel newspaper, Haaretz, informs his fellow countrymen they have just initiated the Second Gaza War and it is already lost due to blundering, incompetent Israeli actions. “For Israel, this Second Gaza War could be far more costly and painful than the first.” He emphasizes the first Gaza War was intended to teach Hamas a lesson and their enemies learned “that the best way to fight Israel is to let Israel do what it has begun to do naturally: bluster, blunder, stonewall and fume.” Even worse, says Burston, a former friend and ally, Turkey, has now become our enemy and the attack was in essence, akin to “declaring a state of war with Turkey.”

The problem is not Hamas or Palestinians or Iran, the problem lies within the nature of contemporary Israel society. ‘Hamas, as well as Iran, have come to know and benefit from the toxicity of Israel domestic politics, which is all too ready to mortgage the future for the sake of momentary apparent calm. They know that in our desperation to protect our own image of ourselves, we will avoid modifying policies which have literally brought aid and comfort to our enemies.”

Of course, notes Burston, right wing religious fundamentalists in Israel will be overjoyed at world reaction to the attack and they will crow, “we told you so, the world hates us, no matter what we do, so we may as well go on building and defending our borders.” The state of Israel is now at a crisis point in its history. It must focus on working with President Abbas and Hamas leaders to create an independent Palestine and seek a future in which Israel is a partner, not an enemy, of people in the Middle East. The fault for Israel’s problems lie not in the stars, they lie in themselves.

  • anon

    The problem is Hamas trying to stage the deaths of dozens of people for a propaganda stunt.

    They are brutal savages who deserve every bullet they get.