An Israeli Speaks To His Nation

Carlo Strenger writing in Haaretz raised several issues concerning Israel society which most probably begin to explain its self destructive behavior and desire to become isolated from the world. The presence of Avigdor Lieberman, an ignorant, bullying man who lacks any training or experience in world affairs is the foreign minister of a nation seeking to establish ties with the world. How does one explain the presence of such an individual in leadership? It would be akin to appointing Sarah Palin as Secretary of State. According to Strenger, Lieberman is a symptom of a malaise which grips the Israeli people. “Israel’s intoxication with Jewish power, the belief that chutzpah is better than ingratiating ourselves to the gentiles was part of Jewish culture before Mr. Lieberman was ever born.”

He blames the Israel political system which allows incompetents like Lieberman to be given important government roles because his party is need to gain a majority in the Knesset. Members of Israel’s foreign ministry are appalled to work under the leadership of someone who is “completely unsuited for the job of foreign minister.” It is a country in which a majority believes in secular ideas but civil marriage has yet to arrive in Israel. It is a nation which has dozens of ministers who are appointed to pay off political debts, not due to their abilities.

As Strenger notes: “my sympathies for Lieberman are zero. Like many others, I think that this skillful politician is a danger for Israel democracy. But, we can’t blame him for a political system that sucks. Lieberman didn’t invent the system, he must makes skillful use of it.”

Israel was charged with various crimes by the Goldstone Report, but its author also urged the Israel government to conduct its own investigation. As of this date, nothing has been done by Israel to investigate in order to disprove Goldstone, the only response is to deny and deny. This is a nation which contains an Arab minority which has endured humiliation and second class citizenship, but has remarkably demonstrated its loyalty.

What has happened to the Jewish people of Israel is the real question? In which ways do they demonstrate historic Jewish values of social justice?