An MB In Your Future?

The Muslim Brotherhood emerged during the first half of the 20th century in Egypt. It arose from Muslims who wanted to create a Muslim presence in a society that apparently was headed in the direction of accepting modern ideas and practices. During the revolt by the Egyptian military against the King in 1952, the MB assisted these young officers and expected the military would accept its presence as a major factor in guiding the government. That never came to pass as officers like Gamal Nasser wanted power for themselves and fellow members of the military.
Literally, from day one of the new Egyptian republic a conflict existed between the Muslim Brotherhood and military leaders. Last year Mr. Morsi and his fellow MB associates thought they could direct a modern government. The result is obvious. The MB lacks any sense or knowledge of working in a coalition government. It lacks any understanding of modern economics. Morsi was inept and bordering on meglomania due to his refusal to accept a coalition with other groups seeking a voice in government.

The MB has no place in an Egyptian government unless it accepts the principle of “diversity.” One tenth of Egypt is Coptic Christian and they will not accept a second class citizenship in a modern Egypt. The evidence is clear-the MB wants to govern alone. And, alone they will spend their time, unfortunately for many, in prison!