An Obama Elected Mayor Of Rotterdam

The spirit of Obama touched down in Rotterdam where a Moroccan immigrant was installed as mayor of the city marking the first time in the history of the Netherlands that an immigrant has been elected mayor of an important city in the nation. Mr. Ahmed Aboutalelb, who holds dual Moroccan-Dutch citizenship, was elected which marks an important first step in furthering efforts to integrate immigrants into the population of the Netherlands. Mr. Jan Franssen, the queen’s representative in the region, termed the election, “Obamas on the Maas(the river in the city)” and added, “the significance is great. This proves that there is no glass ceiling for immigrants in the Netherlands.”

Mayor Aboutaleb said he no longer had any other dreams in life since his ultimate desire has now been accomplished. The forces of hate and prejudice against immigrants suffered a setback and hopefully there will be other immigrants elected to high office.