Dear Senator McCain:

Although I did not vote for you in the past election, there has always been a profound respect for your work in Congress and the many times you pursued the high road rather than sink into the depths of partisanship. Many Americans shared my respect for your integrity as an American who placed the interests of nation above those of political party. It is apparent the past election loss has been both a political as well as personal loss. It is also understandable that pressure from a right wing candidate weighs on your mind. However, recent behavior on the part of Republicans in Congress and members of the Tea Party can not have escaped your attention. A few days ago as John Lewis entered Congress he was assaulted with cries of “nigger” and Congressman Barney Frank was called a “homosexual.” As you know, John Lewis marched with Martin Luther King and was severely beaten for those actions and Congressman Frank is widely respected for his service in the House of Representatives.

Your silence at the hate and sneers at hard working members of the Congress is surprising. You, more than anyone in Congress, understands that service to one’s nation is the highest attribute an individual can attain. We may disagree with opponents, but there must be civility and respect for those with whom we disagree. The Republican party of Wendell Wilkie, Robert Taft and Dwight Eisenhower would be turning over in their graves at the low level to which their party has sunk.

It is imperative for men and women such as you to regain the moral high ground for the Republican party. Newt Gingrich warns Democrats they will suffer for passing a health care bill just as Lyndon Johnson and Democrats did for standing up for civil rights for black Americans! The Republican party needs a new voice who can articulate an opposing program that is consistent with Republican ideas. Can you be the one to express that point of view?