An Unimportant Story From Afghanistan

It was a minor item in the news, a story at the bottom of the page, there was no dramatic headline, simply the announcement of a few more casualties in a place far away known as Afghanistan. The newly appointed Interior Minister in Afghanistan, General Rismillah Khan said he was beginning a new program designed to improve training of Afghan police and security personnel. Republican critics argue this is “Obama’s War” and blame him for ills that are rampant in this country located someplace in Asia. Where were Republican critics for EIGHT YEARS, when their beloved leaders, Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were proclaiming things were going great in Afghanistan and the US had introduced a program to train an Afghan army of over a 100,000 men? Had former President Bush done HIS JOB of instituting training EIGHT YEARS AGO, there would not be a Taliban insurgency in 2010. Bush shifted emphasis from the task of wiping out the Taliban in 2001 to the task of lousing up things in Iraq in 2003.

Sorry, Republicans, the fault does not lie with Barack Obama, it lies on the heads of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld–any yourselves!!