An Unusual Story- Political Smears!

An unusual trial is beginning in France in which former prime minister Dominique de Villepin is accused of organizing a smear campaign in 2004 against current President Nicolas Sarkozy when both were vying to secure the nomination of their party of the presidency. Villepin accuses Sarkozy of conducting a vindictive campaign against him and that when the trial is over he will be exonerated. A key issue is whether or not Villepin created a bogus document which he hoped would destroy the reputation of his opponent.

I am just a simple boy from the United States and completely confused about this trial. Where I come from in the good old USA, every politician is concocting phony documents and trying to smear their opponents. Are the French saying this is not Kosher? Tune into Fox News any night to hear the latest phony document or claim such as that Obama was born in a mange in Saudi Arabia and is really the son of a sheikh who was sent to America to destroy the nation. Are you telling me this is not true!!