Anatomy Teacher Arrested For Teaching Anatomy

Critics of teachers continually reproach them for not putting in enough time at school working with students. They are accused of being lazy and having a soft job. Carrie Shafer, a 38 year old teacher in a Kentucky high school who teaches anatomy has been arrested for putting in extra time with a male student who was interested in anatomy, particularly that of females. They were in a parked car and partially undressed when police approached them in order to inquire the reason for their physical embrace. Mrs. Shafer was merely trying to help the young man catch up on homework assignments by giving him a hands-on anatomy experience. A teacher works after school helping a student and she winds up in jail! When will critics of teachers cease attacking them for doing EXTRA work? A student at the high school said Mrs. Shafer “cares about her students” and when she goes the extra mile, the result is jail. I find it shocking that a teacher who wants students to do hands on learning is being punished!

Frankly, my main concern about this story is why Mrs. Shafer parked in a spot reserved for the disabled. Does she consider having sex to be something akin to being disabled?