ANC Disciplines Youth Leader

Julius Malema is an angry young South African who wants to make clear to one and all–particularly to white skinned South Africans– there is need to change the economic structure of society. He also wants to become president of the country, and what better approach to that goal than inflaming young people with the rhetoric of anger toward whites? The African National Congress is  terrified his words will not merely enflame young South Africans, but will make white business decide to leave South Africa.

Malema was banned from any activity in the African National Congres for five years on grounds his words and actions “would have a negative impact on international and inter-state relations and would be prejudicial to South Africa as a whole.” In clear English this means we can not allow anti-white comments because such words would lead to less and less moneyinvested in the country.

OK, Julius, you are frustrated at poverty in South Africa. Now develop a long term program to address this issue!