And, Then Came The Girls In Catholic Church Abuse

Literally each day brings another story concerning the abuse of little boys by members of the Catholic Church, but the untold story is what happened to little girls and their abuse at the hands of members of the Catholic clergy. A study conducted by John Jay college estimates that 81% of sexual abuse incidents occurred at the hands of priests, but apparently 20% of cases involved girls. Father Charlie in the small Canadian town of Pain Court, enjoyed singling out little girls for special attention and told them about how wonderful and beautiful they were in the church. Despite complaints to the church, police and to school authorities nothing was ever done to Father Charles Sylvestre despite his rape of over 40 little girls. According to Cecilia McLauchlin, she was interrogated for ten hours when her parents made a complaint.

Father Charlie is now dead. The question is what will the Catholic Church do about all the other Father Charlie types in the church?

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    The question should be directed at the law and politicians as religions are free to function within the country providing they abide by the law. It is the law which has a responsibility to act in the event of crime.