Angela No Angel To Libyans

Angela Merkel decided to play it safe regarding the regime of Muammar Gaddafi. She did not wish to gamble Germany’s access to oil and so she refused to go along with NATO on the issue of offering military support to rebels against the dictator’s regime. Instead of becoming part of a European  successful foreign policy venture,      Angela remained on the sidelines and now Germany is not among those nations who are favored by the new Libyan regime.

All that was required were some planes from the German airforce. The risk in terms of lives lost was minor compared to  what German soldiers face in Afghanistan, but she said, “NO.” Germany’s credibiliity as a defender of human rights has gone down the toilet.  France and Britain have gained fame in many Arab nations.

We suspect at this point Angela Merkel will be willing to donate billions to Libya in order to curry favor. Pay now or pay later.