Anglican Bishops: Inclusive Communion For All!

The leadership of the Anglican Church expressed in clear terms their support for the rights of gays and women to be active participants in all facets of their religion. Duleep de Chickera, a bishop for Sri Lanka, made clear” “There is space equally for anyone and everyone, regardless of color, ability, gender or sexual orientation. It is an inclusive communion where there is space equally for everyone and anyone, regardless.” He admitted “some of us are not here”(Lambeth Conference), a reference to the decision by traditionalists to boycott the Lambeth conference in opposition of the decision by the Archbishop of Canterbury(Rowan Williams) to support gay and female bishops.

Dr. Rowan Williams received a standing ovation from the assembled bishops and he urged of the importance of finding ways to respect the ideas of liberals and traditionalists. Many observers were surprised at the remarkable sense of unity among the bishops even though there is a significant number who might still harbor doubts about the move toward allowing gay and female bishops.

  • journeyer58

    The problem with the current Lambeth Conference is this, not all of the Bishops of the Anglican Communion are present at this time. Also the Bishop V. Gene Robinson, of New Hampshire, was not invited to this most important of all conferences among the Anglican Communion. If inclusion is the purpose of the Anglican Communion, then they have miserably failed in this quest. Also, as I see it, the Gospel of Yeshua, makes no distinction between those who are heterosexual and those who are homosexual. All were invited and all welcomed whether they believed in Yeshua or not. I, have been receiving the communications letters from the Anglican Community for quite a while now, and I have seen a dramatic shift in the message of how they will react and act towards those who are different. The contingent that is causing the most trouble are those from the Central and Southern African nations. Towards the end of causing a split over the issues of gays and women being ordained bishops in the Anglican Communion, this contingent of bishops are holding there own conference in Jerusalem, with the sole express purpose of showing the rest of the world the numbers that are engaged in the struggle to keep women and gays out of ministry and to oppress those same people with their rigid and strict construction of the Word of G-d. And even that which we call the Bible is suspect, because of the intrusion of politics and man’s tradition encroaching on something that is sacred and holy. Who can truly know the mind of G-d, can we really say that we are the ones who hold the true word in our hands and that we know everything that there is to know about what G-d thinks and how G-d will judge what we have done, while having our time on this earth.