Anglican Proposal For Holy Office To Decide

During the past few years the Church of England has been divided over issues such as allowing gays and females to become bishops with traditionalists threatening to leave the church and either create a new branch or become affiliated with the Catholic Church. The Windsor Continuation Group which analysis tensions within the communion, has proposed creating an Anglican version of the Catholic “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith” which decides on faith issues and identifies examples of heresy. The document was critical of attitudes both of those supporting gays and female bishops and those opposed to that perspective. It has resulted in “fragmentation as well as to confusion among our ecumenical partners.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury indicated his support for such a body in his effort to reconcile warring factions of his church. “Thee is a strong feeling we need another structure that would be a clearing house for some of these issues…I’m actually quite enthusiastic about that.” The Archbishop made the normal comments one does when there is divisiveness by urging groups to work together.

One can only wonder if creating a central office which would wind up deciding what was faith would do to those finding themselves on the wrong side of such a body’s decision. The Archbishop of Canterbury should beware that many Catholics who fight for female and gay rights are not pleased by the Vatican Holy Office.