Angola Muslim Blues

There are moments when one wonders if we do not have A God, but several Gods. Most probably more people have died due to whether or not they seek to pray for the right or wrong God. Angola is a Christian nation which hap.pens to have about 90,000 people who apparently believe the right God is the one who is father to a young man named Jesus, one residing in the country of Israel. The government of Angola believes that unless there are 100,000 people who all believe in a religion then there can not be such a religion. Angola happens to have about 90,000 Muslims which means there is no Muslim religion in this country. The government has closed down all 78 mosques and women are beaten for wearing the veil.

Terror once again stalks the streets of some country because it has been decided those of a particular faith apparently have the wrong faith so either shift to the right faith or head someplace else. Ah, just another example of the power of A faith to make life miserable due to the wrong prayer. God Bless you all.