Angry-Contact GOP

I assume when a member of the Republican party is nearing death, the last words to be uttered will be, BENGHAZI. Four Americans died in an attack by militants in Libya. Initially, the State Department believed mobs had been created due to showing of a video which made fun of the Prophet. It turned out the mobs were organized by terrorist organizations. So, the issue of today is -why did the State Department believe the video caused the riot rather than a terrorist organizatiion. Assume, the State Deapartment had said, “terrorist organization.” Four people would  still be dead but Republicans would not have something to complain about.

Senior State Department Gregory Hicks, told Congress that special forces had been on their way to Benghazi but were told to stand down. The Pentagon denies this version. Hicks claims he was demoted and denied a new job after he left Libya. The State Department notes he left Libya early and thus it was necessary to find him a new position. He has the same pay and status. But, becoming part of the Republican drive to use Benghazi will lead to work on Fox News and a good book.