Animal Rights Activists Don’t Believe In Human Rights

Four animal rights activists in the United Kingdom apparently do not believe that humans have the same rights as animals. They are accused of conducting a blackmail and terror campaign which was designed to close down the Huntingdon Life Sciences testing center. The two men and two women group targeted firms dealing with the Huntingdon laboratories by threatening to falsely accused directors of the firms of being paedophiles or warning them they might be infected by HIV infected needles. The four idiots daubed roads outside the homes of firm managers with insults such as “puppy killer.” Mr. Christopher Bevan, a scientist, had letters sent to the homes of neighbors claiming he was a serial sex offender who went abroad to abuse children.

Insulting the wives of corporate leaders who purchasing goods in their names might be the type of prank a fifteen year-old would try thinking it was cute, but for individuals who have concern about “life” that sort of behavior denotes a lack of moral center. Animal activists have every right to present their ideas, write papers, or send their comments about animal rights to anyone they so desire, but the bizarre actions of this group of confused individuals smacks of mental instability.