Ann Coulter -She’s Cute, Pert And, Oh, So Nasty!

Republicans like Ann Coulter so enjoy opportunities to come across as persecuted and oppressed by the liberal establishment. Nothing is more self satisfying that being told to respect the rights of other humans who do not have access to the media. She was appearing at the University of Ottawa when the provost, half in jest, reminded her that in Canada, “promoting hatred toward other groups” is illegal. That was sufficient to allow the guardian of the rich and powerful to cast herself in the role of defender of freedom of speech. Of course, this is one defender who does not believe her opponents have free speech rights, particularly, if they are those “terrorists.” She told the media, “the provost of the u. of Ottawa is threatening to criminally prosecute me for my speech there on Monday, before I have ever set foot in the country.”

Of course, Canada was merely attempting to prevent abuses of freedom of speech such as occurred in Rwanda when 800,000 were murdered. In a speech in Ottawa, she insulted a 17 year old Muslim student and told her to take a camel after the girl pointed out that Ann’s comment about Muslims using flying carpets instead of planes was insulting.

Coulter thrives on innocent comments that can be interpreted several ways.