Ann Coulter Upset!

Ordinarily, it takes something said by Barack Obama or some new approach to smearing the name of Ann Coulter to get this right wing conservative angry. Ann is now furious at–MITT ROMNEY! An anti-Obama ad was run which has a former employee of Bain speaking of losing his job and health care which prevented him from getting adequate care for his wife. She died. When a spokesperson for Mitt was asked to comment, she argued since the man was in Massachusetts he had health insurance due to the efforts of Mitt Romney!

Ann is furious. She wants to know why conservatives should support a candidate who thinks the Obama health insurance idea–which came from Romney. Ann questions the ability, the ideas of Mitt and the staff of Mitt to win this election. Ann fears that Mitt when confronted by Obama will argue he did a better job in getting compulsory health insurance than did Barack.

Don’t worry Ann. By tomorrow Mitt will claim the Massachusetts health care law passed despite his opposition!