Anniversary To Remember Or Forget?

An event occurred seven years ago this month and, for some reason, Fox News is not celebrating the event in its usual pseudo patriotic outburst of nonsense. Seven long, long years ago, American forces swept into Iraq to over throw the regime of Saddam Hussein and destroy the infamous WMD which all God fearing Republicans knew were aimed at the heart of the United States. Oh, along the way of wiping from the face of the Earth any trace of Saddam Hussein and his weapons that would destroy humanity, as we know it, a few Americans either lost their lives or had their lives damaged in psychological ways that only the brave understand.

Yes, a few hundred thousand Iraqis died, over a million were forced to flee their homes, and bombs, murder and torture became part of a new American lexicon of thoughts. The issue is not whether “it” was worth it, but could Saddam Hussein have been removed from power using non-violent means? This is the question Fox News will never address and this is the question that mind masturbators like Glen Beck will never pose.