Another Actor In Syrian Story

Scarcely a day goes by in the Syrian tragedy without a new source of conflict and confusion. Israel planes struck at targets in Damascus which apparently contained a shipment of highly accurate Iranian-guided missiles destined for Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. President Bashar Assad uttered words of anger terming the assault a “flagrant violation of international law.” He now charges that Israel is in alliance with Islamic terrorists and thus true Muslims will rally around his flag which is the center of defense of the Muslim people. Over in Tehran, General Masoud Jazayeri warned that his nation would not allow “the enemy(Israel) to harm the security of the region.”

Let me get this straight:

1. Syrian rebel groups hate Assad.

2. Syrian rebel groups hate Israel.

3. Turkey is in conflict with Syria.

4. Turkey is just ending its conflict with Israel.

5. Iran and Syria like Hezbollah.

6. Hezbollah hates Israel.

I trust this explains the current conflict in Syria.