Another Afghan Blast From Hell

In the summer of 2002, then Secretary of State Colin Powell was discussing the president’s idea about an invasion of Iraq. Former Chief of Staff Powell was not enthusiastic about the plan and pointed out to the president that when in a pottery shop, “if you break it, you own it.” Naturally, Bush ignored the Powell advice. Unfortunately, the former president ignored advice that once Afghanistan was freed from Taliban rule it was important to create a new modern Afghan army and pour economic resources into the nation. Nothing was done, and ten years later the results are evident.

Combat Outpost Sayed Abad in eastern Afghanistan was subjected to a blast from hell which left at least 80 soldiers wounded. A truck ostensibly brining firewood was actually a suicide bomber who detonated the explosion which caused havoc in the camp. The Republican party broke the pottery in Afghanistan, refused to pay for it, and Americans die because of that failure.

Oh, according to Tea Party supporters–enthusiastic supporters of the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq– current problems in those nations are due to failure on the part of President Obama. No member of the Republican party will ever pay for a broken vase!