Another African Tragedy

Kenya is blessed with a literate population, it has thousands of university graduates who are versed in modern technology and capable of developing a society in which modernism drives the population to ever increasing standards of living. But, Kenya is crippled by a corrupt government which regards the gay issue as among its greatest challenges to development. While the Kenya government is busy passing anti-gay laws which make criminal any act of homosexuality, terrorists are gaining increased power. Naturally, a government which makes human rights its enemy will witness the exodus of talented people seeking a home in a society which allows free thinking. As gay bashing grows more popular, the brains of Kenya are leaving. As corruption grows stronger, people are losing faith. Two years ago, Muslim terrorists attacked a mall, and it is now clear that as members of security forces attacked those militants, many of its soldiers stopped to rob the damn mall of its goods!

Al-Shabaab, the Muslim militant group in Somalia has now extended its radius of attacking to coastal areas of Kenya which are the scene of tourism. After they murdered 60 people last week, yesterday they murdered a few dozen more. Naturally, the corrupt, inefficient government of Kenya does not wish to confront reality so it now blames the attacks on local Muslim independent groups. It is time for Kenya to embrace democratic values instead of embracing hatred toward gays.