Another Air Strike, Another Death

It was just another air strike some place in Afghanistan aimed at some sort of group of Taliban by some planes. It was during World War II that the myth of how air power can win wars was born. Yes, American and British planes blasted away at Germany causing damage to factories and rail lines. In reality, the Germans fixed their  train lines within 48 hours and the war went on and on. Actually, Germany was producing more war materials in 1944 than they were in 1942. So, the myth lingers on in Afghanistan. Send in the planes, send in the drones and the end result will be– eleven dead  more children.

The Taliban will NOT be defeated  by use of drones or planes. Victory over the Taliban begins with the Afghan government. Either this institution becomes  concerned about the people of Afghanistan and can deliver honest, effective government or all the drone attacks and all the plane attacks will not prevent humpty dumpty from falling off the wall.