Another American Killed!

There is or was a young American boy who was born in the great state of Alabama and somehow got on the wrong side of our government. They continue sending drones up into the sky in order to come to earth in his body and cause a big big boom that sends his body parts flying in all directions. Omar Hammami was born to a Christian mom and Islamis dad in Alabama. He spent his youth into rap music and doind whatever one does in a small town in Alabama. One day, he told mom and dad that his new name was Abu Mansoor al-Amriki(the American) and he was heading to Somalia in Africa to engage in a jihad against those who do not like the wondeful Islamic group known as al-Shabaab.

Just about every month another drone is up in the air to get the Alabama boy. I wonder if we send as many drones to get members of the KKK.