Another Benghazi Debacle!

Senator John McCain is demanding that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appear before a Senate committee to explain the latest Benghazi attack. Terrorists set off explosions in the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi and injured people. Senator McCain wants to know why Hillary Clinton did not know about the attack and why there were no US Marines to prevent it. OK, so she left the government a few months ago, but that is no excuse for her not sending out warnings to embassies and consulates throughout the world. McCain wants ANSWERS! This is simply another of the failed Obama foreign policy mistakes which prevents innocent people from getting killed. First, they set off explosions in the Egyptian consulate in Benghazi and tomorrow they will be setting off explosions in the American consulate in Benghazi.

We Americans should be grateful for the work of Senator John McCain in uncovering failures of the Clinton/Obama administration. The fighting US senator also wants to know how President Obama could be off on vacation when consulates in the world are being attacked by terrorists. OK, so John was at one of his six houses, but he was not at some island playing golf when innocent people died!!