Another Brave Muslim Man Kills Raped Girl

There is no question the meaning of “honor” in many Muslim societies differs fundamentally from those in other parts of the world. Of course, the vast majority of Muslims do not adhere to the ancient barbaric ritual of killing a girl who for one reason or another “dishonored” the family’s name. A 41 year old man in Jordan has been charged with premeditated murder after he killed his 16 year old niece who was raped. The man was arrested and charged after he placed eight bullets into the girl’s body making sure that a different part of her body received its individual bullet. He claimed his act was noble because she allowed herself to be raped and in so doing besmirched the proud name of the family.

The girl was raped last year and gave birth two months ago to a boy. The family has decided to keep the little boy, but apparently their “compassion” does not extend to the mother. Of course, in Jordan, it is rare for a murderer who kills a girl and claims “honor” to ever serve jail time.

I wonder why men in the Muslim religion are never killed for acts of dishonoring their family name?