Another Bush Diplomatic Goof?

The presidency of George Bush will undoubtedly go down in history as one in which repeated diplomatic errors were committed by a government that claimed to be led by an individual skilled in business efficiency. Perhaps, only President Bush could transform a simple relief expedition into one which arouses the anger of recipients because he found a way to violate the laws of their nation. Last week, the Philippines suffered a terrible disaster when a ferry over turned in a typhoon with the loss of over 800 people. The United States offered assistance in recovering bodies trapped inside the hull of the capsized vessel. But, of all the ships President Bush could think to send on this rescue mission, he dispatched the USS Ronald Reagan, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. The Philippine constitution forbids the entry into any of its harbors of a ship possessing nuclear weapons and members of the nation’s legislature are infuriated over the diplomatic blunder.

Minority leader, Rodolfo Blazon, expressed the feeling of many colleagues by noting, “We do not know, however, whether or not the USS Ronald Reagan is carrying nuclear weapons because if that is the case, it is a clear violation of our Constitution.”s

The more interesting question is why an aircraft carrier was sent to help in rescue operations of a capsize ferry? One would assume there are other vessels better equipped to handle such an operation.

  • thegipper

    Fred, two more ships, including the salvage ship USS Safeguard (which has rescue divers) were already on scene before USS Ronald Reagan arrived. Reagan wasn’t sent for the ferry. Reagan was sent to use its helicopters to deliver aid to remote areas where people had no food, water or medicine. You might remember USS Abraham Lincoln delivering food and water to the victims of the tsunami a couple of years back. The aircraft carrier was sent there because it was close; getting aid to the people quickest was the primary concern. But with a dozen or so helicopters, it makes sense those ships were sent.

  • Mercuryblues

    Since when has Bush had any respect for a Constitution?

  • Fred Stopsky

    I suspected it was a minor issue, but that’s why communicating to people avoid problems.