Another Bush In Hand

OK, Republicans are still upset at having Mitt Romney lose the recent presidential election. OK, they did not even wish to have former President George Bush  speak at the Republican convention. OK, George is in  Texas chopping wood. However, looming on the horizon is still another opportunity for a Bush to emerge from the bushes and offer America a new era of accomplishments. Jeb Bush is hitting talk shows with his new emphasis on immigration and words of praise for his brother. “In his four years as president a lot of amazing accomplishments took place. So my guess is that history will be kind to my brother, the further out you get from this and the mor people compare his tenure to what’s going on.”

Absolutely, just tell the 500,000 Americans who  suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder how George Bush really helped alter their lives. As he left office, Bush left 700,000 jobs being ended each month. Of course, last month 233,000 new jobs were created. Jeb is right, compare the past to the present. We await Jeb emerging from the bushes with wand in hand to dissolve old memories.