Another Cartoon War Over Mohammed?

In 2005, the entire Muslim world became infuriated when a Danish cartoonist published some drawings which they considered to be insulting to their religion. Kurt Westergaard, has been living under guard since that expression of anger, and he most probably will ignite another round of anger and hate with publication of his new set of cartoons. His new book featurs former foreign minister Uffe Elleman-Jensen, who opposed publication of the original Mohammed cartoons, as kneeling before an inkwell that reads, “freedom of expression”while a man behind the curtain has a bomb in his turban and is peeking at the inkwell. Most probably some who see terror where none exists will interpret the cartoon to be a slightat Mohammed.

A cartoon is just that — a cartoon and it has no life other than what people make of it. Unfortunately, there are too many people in this world who see with their minds rather than their eyes. Their minds decide what they want to see.